Why Your Body May Be Screaming After a Car Accident

When the car slammed into the side of your vehicle, your auto flew round and round in the intersection until it came to rest against the median. Your body felt like a limp rag doll as it was tossed back and forth with each revolution of your automobile. Other than the three times your head hit the side window, you aren’t sure where your body hit or how hard, but you know that was a rough ride. You feel a little sore right now, but your friends tell you your body is going to be screaming tomorrow. Here are symptoms your body may need medical help after a car crash.


The jarring movement of being thrown back and forth within the vehicle can cause the tendons and muscles around your head and neck to stretch in unusual ways. The discs, ligaments, and nerves may all cause you a great deal of pain a few hours after the accident or even the next day. Contact a car accident chiropractor Hillsboro OR because whiplash can have long lasting life altering implications.


Post-traumatic stress syndrome is real, and it can wake you up from a sound sleep, or it can prevent you from even going to sleep. You may find yourself suffering from nightmares or reliving the collision repeatedly – that is PTSD. Your attorney can recommend a therapist to help you with the anxiety associated with the trauma.

Back Pain

Slipped or damaged discs in the back can be painful and debilitating. As your body was thrown from side to side, you naturally tensed your spine, which caused it to bruise or tear. There are interventions and treatments your chiropractor can use to help you mend and deal with the pain.

Car accidents are no fun. Make sure you pay attention if your body starts screaming at you after a car collision. The pain will only get worse tomorrow if you ignore it today.