Twitter users slam Hum Hindu Founder Ajay Gautam for closing eyes on seeing Muslim anchor on TV

Ajay Gautam put his hands over his eyes on TV to avoid seeing Muslim anchor Khalid. (Photo: Screenshot)

After Ajay Gautam, founder of right-wing organisation ‘Hum Hindu’, closed his eyes on Live TV to avoid seeing a Muslim anchor, Twitter was abuzz with indignation over his actions.

Ajay Gautam, who started Hum Hindu in 2015, has his own website, which describes the objective of the group to be “against politics of Muslim appeasement” and have “the sole objective of complete Swaraj, absolute Hindu Rashtra.”

The incident took place after Ajay Gautam was invited on television news channel News24, to discuss the Zomato incident, when he saw the anchor, Khalid, and straight up refused to see him.

He literally put his hands over his eyes on TV to avoid seeing him.

The editor-in-chief of News24, Anurradha Prasad, expressed horror over his actions and put out a statement saying that the news channel had refused to invite him further to their studio.

The clip of this incident soon went viral on Twitter, where users slammed the behavior Gautaum displayed on live television.

A user tweeted, “Hindu leader Ajay Gautam was on a debate show and covered his eyes so he didn’t have to see Khalid, a Muslim news presenter. This is NOT SATIRE! This is the state of national TV in India in 2019.”

Another user tweeted, “Such bigots and communal minds should not only be banned by entire electronic media but strong criminal action must be taken against them.”

A user also wrote, “Why was it even allowed to be aired…it was a criminal act…”

In a tweet, a user said, “This needs to make headlines world over! This level of islamophobia needs to be exposed.”

A user also said, “OMG !! This is sheer nonsense. I cant believe that sensible people could do this.”