These Are The Best Options For Low Carb High Protein Evening Meal

These Are The Best Options For Low Carb High Protein Evening Meal

A diet low in carbs is rich in protein and good fats. Both low carb and high protein diet, when combined with exercise, can help you lose weight and give you the desired results. Snacking alone can alone add too many calories to your diet. The gap between the meals can make you consume a huge number of calorie at once. You are more likely to reach out for unwanted foods when hunger pangs strike you between the meals. What can be better than snacking options which are low in carbs and high in protein at the same time? Low carb high protein snacks are everything you need as a perfect evening snack.

Low carb high protein snacks

1. Hardboiled egg

An egg is an excellent source of protein. A hardboiled egg contains ample amount of high-quality protein. It is low in carbs at the same time. One large hardboiled egg contains 6.3 grams of protein and just 0.6 grams of carbs. It is a perfect snack which can curb hunger instantly.

2. Homemade trial mixture

Most nuts are low in carbs and rich in protein. You can make your own trail mix with a combination of nuts and seeds. A handful of nuts and seeds are satisfying as well filling. It will also provide you good fats. Nuts are also rich in other essential nutrients which will make your diet nutritious. It will also give you the required energy.


Weight Loss Diet: Nuts are filling and healthy which are low in carbs and high in protein
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3. Carrot with peanut butter

Carrots are low in carbs which is nutritious at the same time. Fresh carrots will add more vegetables to the diet as well. On the other hand peanut butter is rich in protein. This combination is also another satisfying snack which is extremely healthy.

4. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a popular source of protein for vegetarians. It is also favourite of most Indians. You can prepare various options with cottage cheese with less oil. Throw in some vegetables with cottage cheese and make it a healthier snack.

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5. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in carbs. One serving of Greek yogurt has around 7.3 grams of protein and 3.3 grams of carbs. It will be a great treat for you which will refresh you in the middle of the day.

While consuming these snacks you need to check the quantity of the snacks and avoid overconsuming them to keep your calorie count intact. Also, check the suitability of these food options according to the diet you are following.

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