Gifts for the High School Graduate

As summer approaches, your thoughts may turn toward the soon-to-be graduating high school senior in your life. Whether she plans to head off to college, take a gap year to travel abroad or head straight to work, commemorate the accomplishment with a gift that shows your love and pride.

Clever Treats

Anyone can get the graduate a vase full of flowers. Strike a different note with graduation candy bouquets, an arrangement of cookies or spray of dollar bills folded into roses, for example. If you think your loved one will also receive too many traditional leis to wear with her gown, make a long necklace that features origami money blooms, battery-operated twinkle lights, chocolates wrapped in a colorful plastic or Scrabble tiles that spell out a congratulatory message.

Travel Options

Graduates planning a trip after graduation will appreciate a gift that eases the journey. Choose luggage that’s lightweight and durable, a backpack that can double as a laptop bag and personal carry on for a flight or a money belt that they can store valuables in while traveling abroad. You can also consider a selection of items such as a passport holder, leather travel journal or noise-cancelling headphones for the plane.

Professional Technology

If the graduate plans to head into the job market – or simply wants to hang around home and play video games all day – consider presenting her with a new laptop that she can use in her endeavors. If that’s out of your price range, a tablet, a watch, wireless headphones, word processing software or a Bluetooth speaker would also be ideal options.

Graduation is the culmination of years of determination and hard work. Present your loved one with a gift that rewards that effort on graduation day. The right token will bring a smile to her face and help her set off toward the future on the right foot.