Ever tried EGG FAST for weight loss? Yes, it is a diet that works

Fasting is an ancient healing technique, which is in practice from ages. Fasting involves restricted food consumption and has become a popular way to lose weight lately. But what if you were told that this fasting, which normally is about being on plain water or fruits only, allows you to have eggs?

We all know eggs are densely rich in protein, making them one of the best weight loss foods. Eggs are cheap, easy to make and filling, which makes them one of the favourite foods among weight watchers. Not just this, having eggs have numerous other health benefits too.

So, if you are someone who can have egg all day long, we have some good news for you. Egg fasting is the new easy way to shed kilos. Egg fasting is a short-term diet plan that involves mainly eating eggs, cheese and butter. Sounds tasty? Read ahead.

Here are the benefits and risks involved with egg fasting:

What is egg fast?

The concept of egg fast was developed by blogger Jimmy Moore in 2010. It is a restricted ketogenic diet plan, which helps your body to enter into the metabolic state of ketosis.

It is important to understand that egg fast is a short-term diet plan and lasts between three to five days. It is recommended not to follow this for a longer period of time, as it may lead to numerous health risks.

The basic rule to follow this diet – Have whole eggs – including both yolks and whites.

Consume 1 tablespoon of butter or healthy fat per egg consumed.

Eat a whole egg within 30 minutes of waking up.

After every three to five hours have an egg-based meal.

While on this diet, it is important to eat a meal even if you are not hungry.

You must try to eat at least six whole eggs per day.

Do not eat anything three hours before you go to bed.

How does it work?

By following this diet, your body enters into a metabolic state of ketosis. Ketosis generally occurs when the body has little access to glucose, which is its preferred source of energy. To balance this, the body makes ketones bodies out of fat and use that as fuel.

To reach this state, a person needs to eat 50 grams of carbs or less per day. The rest of their calories requirement can be fulfilled from a high-fat and moderate protein diet.

Benefits of egg fast

Weight loss
An egg fast is a restrictive diet plan. This diet limits your food options, which naturally reduces your daily calorie intake. This ketogenic diet promotes the feeling of fullness by increasing protein intake. The benefits and result of this diet depends on several factors, such as weight, height, age, gender, and total food intake.

Different studies have found that this ketogenic diet cannot just help you lose fat but also help you maintain muscle mass and reduce appetite.

Reduce appetite
Eggs are a rich source of protein and are very filling. Numerous studies suggest that eggs can help a person feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Promote belly fat loss
Excessive belly fat is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Eggs fast can help you burn more belly fat than any other diet plan and thus prevent you from deadly diseases.

Bottom line
Egg fast also comes with few side effects. You may feel constipated if you follow this diet for a longer period of time. If you are new to this diet, you may experience the keto flu. The Keto flu is caused when your body is adapting to ketones as a source of energy. The symptoms may include hunger, low energy, weakness, and bad breath.

Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated.

Here is what five days egg fast look like:

Day 1

Breakfast: Cream cheese pancake
Recipe: Blend 2-3 eggs and 2-3 tablespoon of cream cheese until the mixture is smooth. Cook it in a pan with 2 tablespoons of butter.
Lunch: Egg salad
Recipe: 2 eggs and 2-3 tablespoon of mayonnaise
Dinner: Cheese quiche made with two eggs
Snack: 28 grams of cheese of your choice

Day 2

Same as DAY 1

Day 3

Breakfast: Fry 2 eggs in 2 tablespoons of butter.
Lunch: Crustless cheese quiche made of 2 eggs
Dinner: 2-3 deviled eggs
Recipe: Boil the eggs and then cut it into two. Remove the egg yolks from it Mix egg yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, and sweet pickle relish and place it on the egg white.
Snack: 2 sticks of string cheese

Day 4

Breakfast: Egg and cheese omelet made of 2-3 eggs
Lunch: 2-3 hard-boiled eggs
Dinner: Egg waffles made of 2 eggs made in butter
Snack: 28 grams of a cheese of your choice

Day 5

Breakfast: Scrambled egg made of 2-3 eggs with a cup of black coffee
Lunch: Egg salad made of 2 eggs and a tablespoon of mayonnaise
Dinner: Cheese quiche made of 2-3 eggs

Snack: 1 stick of string cheese