Another Option To Consider for Aging Loved Ones

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Sometimes, an older loved one needs more care than you and the rest of the family can provide. When this is the case, there are options that you and your loved one can feel good about. Many people are aware of senior care resources such as assisted living centers but aren’t quite as aware of adult foster care.

Adult Foster Care

At first, the term may leave you thinking about children who have been removed from their homes because of unpleasant circumstances. Adult foster care isn’t the same. This type of care is much like assisted living centers where residents live in a homey environment with consistent care. An important difference between this care situation and assisted living centers is that foster care settings don’t provide medical care. Another difference is the number of people living in the home; foster care homes generally house between two and four seniors.

Legal Requirements for Caregivers

The licensing and certification for foster care providers vary from one state to another, but in most cases, the requirements are the same as those for assisted living homes in the state. When your loved one requires a little more care than you can provide, carefully consider the benefits of a foster care at home Massachusetts provider.

When To Seek Home Care and Help

What if you aren’t sure whether your loved one requires care? Consider factors such as how well your loved one can bathe and prepare meals. If it’s a struggle to accomplish basic care activities, it may be time to seek outside help. In some situations, adult foster care includes regular visits from licensed professionals, so seniors can continue to age in a familiar place. This helps seniors enjoy continued privacy and some feelings of independence.

Another Option for Care

A home care or adult foster care situation may not be right for everyone. However, it is an option for those seniors who don’t require a lot of medical attention but need help working through daily health and hygiene habits. As you consider the options for your loved one, keep care at home services in mind.