10 Top Romance Novels for Better Relationships

Just like every other thing in life, love can be learned and unlearned. As humans, there is always the tendency to forget things we know at one time or the other.

A typical example would be trying to remember the number of countries in the world or even every single thing you were taught in geography. Therefore, in the same vein, there is the need to constantly learn and relearn ways to make our relationships better.

Contemporary romance novels have over time provided a spark in many relationships, from romantic classics from Nicholas Sparks, to super erotic options like Fifty Shades of Grey; partners would definitely love reading these novels. These romantic novels not only bring adventure to the bedroom but provide lots of learning opportunities for a better relationship.

It’s common knowledge that there is a plethora of books out there, all with different themes, stories and characters, from drama to mystery and thriller, there are a lot of creative and talented writers creating exciting pieces of fiction, poetry, and biographical books.

Here are some of the top romance novels that is bound to create a much better atmosphere in your relationship:

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1. The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham

This book combines the rich emotion of a traditional gothic romance with more complex and modernistic characters.

The author, Peckham, writes a tale about a duke who is in desperate need of an heir but instead falls for a botanist who has no interest in marriage. This is a novel is a must-read for partners as it is a story about the lies people tell, the barriers we build to protect ourselves and the fears we must overcome to let ourselves be loved.

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2. See Me by Nicholas Sparks

It’s hard to make a romance novel list without including Nicholas Sparks, as he is a natural romance storytelling king. His most recent book, See Me is a fantastic love story filled with suspense.

You’re bound to fall in love with the two main characters Colin and Maria, hoping they will realize that the attraction between each other is striking, both on and off the paper.

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3. The Duke Who Ravished Me by Diana Quincy

This story just like the above is another long, slow tumble into love; however it is between two unlikely partners: the libertine Duke of Sunderford and his new — and seemingly unwelcomed— governess, the prim, proper Isabel Finch.

Finch arrives alongside twin 7-year-old girls, throwing the duke’s life into chaos. In this romantic masterpiece, Quincy delivers a layered, lovely romance, with an ending that most readers would never accurately predict.

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4. Luck of the Draw by Kate Clayborn

Zoe Ferris lands a winning lottery ticket, presenting her with the chance to quit her unrewarding job as a lawyer. But she can’t quite get over the guilt she feels over the work she did on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.

In a quest for inner peace, she decides to make amends, starting with a family involved in one of her settlements—signalling the beginning of her romantic journey with a grieving brother who she meets along the line. Clayborn’s characters in this story are intelligent and subtle, with quick and smart dialogues, in a world that is warm and welcoming.

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5. Scoring Off the Field by Naima Simone

This book is the second installment in author Naima Simone’s WAGs series, which follows the wives and girlfriends of NFL players, featuring Tennyson Clark, the dependable assistant to her best friend and long-time crush Dominic Anderson, a star quarterback for the Washington Warriors.

In this story, Tennyson decides to find a new job and stop pining for an unapologetic playboy, Dominic, who now finds himself re-evaluating their relationship.

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6. And Then You Loved Me by Inglath Cooper

This would be a fantastic read for lovers of a reconnecting love story and those who believe that true love never departs from us.

And Then You Loved Me is an intensely romantic story that will keep you on edge every time as Matt comes back into Becca’s life, compelling her to navigate feelings that never left her, even if it means she’ll get hurt again.

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7. That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper

Written by award-winning author, Inglath Cooper, this bestselling novel will leave readers gasping for air and troubled both physically and mentally.

The story is staged in Italy where Lizzy falls hopelessly in love with a rockstar, while her husband is all the way at home, skipping out on their anniversary trip. Thanks to Cooper’s contemporary prose, this story centers on ‘forbidden’ love.

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8. Thirsty by Mia Hopkins

Mia Hopkins writes a strong, honest look at love as both a motivation and a risk, in a story that follows Sal Rosas, a former gang member on parole trying to make a fresh start. Returning to his neighborhood, he runs into an old acquaintance, a widowed single mom, who is struggling to give her daughter the best life possible.

The book takes on a first-person narrative style, told from Sal’s perspective, in a beautiful and authentic look at the challenges of starting over, the terrifying hope of the future and the dangerous lure of the past.

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9. Hot Head by Damon Suede

Griff Muir is a firefighter that has fallen in love with his partner and best friend, Dante. In this story, Griff has to carefully navigate his career and friendship with Dante without compromising his feelings, or himself.

However, when Dante requests they both pose as models for a website, Griff must find a way to avoid trouble and temptation that is looming.

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10. Act Like It by Lucy Parker

A hot-headed actor and known playboy begins to date his co-worker, but would she be enough to make him become a changed man or will he go back to his old playboy ways?

Act Like It is a slow burn romantic story that is filled with suspense, leaving readers guessing page after page.

There’s even an upcoming romance novel based upon the life of London escorts that is scheduled to be released in 2019 by Agora Publishing.

Reading a contemporary romance novel in a bid to spice up your relationship is nothing ever to be ashamed of. Writers are getting better at their craft, as they continually churn out fun, exciting, and spicy contents. Therefore, as you visit a book store next, reach for these books with pride, as everywhere is littered with interesting and provocative stories you can definitely learn from.